*NEW* V2.1 Distillate Cartridges with Ceramic Atomizers

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-“wickless” solid ceramic heating elements vapes clean and odourless – the clean taste is the difference

 -works with thick distillate and little to no thinning required. works optimally with un-thinned C02, CBD oil and MCT or terp thinned shatters (only not intended for RSO or full plant extracts labelled “for edible use only”) or a mix of 90% raw distillate and 10% flavour/terps or CBD oil – avoid PG/PEG400 if possible for max potency and full plant experience.

-1.0 ml capacity component Pyrex glass tanks for easy fill from top or bottom fill

-hypoallergenic metal coils wrap around ceramic element for reduced contact

-optimized air-intake prevents clogging

-low ohm coils for TC control and low voltage (start at 6-8W, 3.8V and work up to find your balance of flavour and hit size)

-510 threads for interchangeability on most all batteries and mods (not for use with the vape 710 starter kit, coming soon)

-matching voltage optimized rechargeable stick batteries also available

-refillable & reusable

-currently comes in surgical steel only (except for bulk orders of 1000 or more)

-V1 first designed & engineered April 2016

-discounts for volume at 100 and 1000 units, custom branding at 1000 units. Inquire at info@vape710.ca


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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 0.5 in

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  1. These version 2.1 tanks are literally the best tanks available for thick distillate. Honey oil also works really well. The air flow cannot be beat the the tank can handle the thickest liquids. All the reviews on Reddit of this product are amazing – check them out for yourself. I’m shocked there aren’t more positive reviews here by happy customers because I *know* there are more of us out there!

  2. Just amazing. I love the clean flavour thes carts give me. The airflow is 2nd to none and the price can’t be beat. The designer and owner of this company has some of the best customer service on the market, on par with HVT and DT. I’ll be buying these for years to come.

  3. I give it a two because my just randomly stopped working. after about a week and a half of use it just stopped working. Worked great while it lasted but I’ll need something thats not going to die on me in a week.

    • Hey there yeah they should have lasted you longer than that for sure, at least a month or so each. Not sure what happened there.. email us and we can try to figure it out if you like

  4. This cart has insane air flow and works with the thickest distillate. Feels, looks and is very high quality. Highly recommend to anyone looking for portability.

    • Hi Steven, yes we understand the concern in the cost of shipping, which is why we will absorb it for orders over $50 to help in that regard. Thanks

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