This one is different from the rest of the ciga-likes on the market. We wanted to design a vapourizer that had the maximum potential to help people win over the habit of smoking. We wanted it to be dependable. Firstly, it is not disposable, it’s refillable. Secondly, the cartridges have 510 threads for use with the vast majority of vaporizers on the market. And thirdly, the flow of vapour is maximized for a vapourizer this size by using a double wick atomizer to double the vapour production. For the vast majority of oil and extract administrators, it’s a surprisingly full, satisfying and clean experience. Especially when comparing to the cumbersome task that dabbing can be. Vape 710 is the hand-held, all-day solution for the licensed user on-the-go.

Oil and extract can clog coils over short time and we felt that the best solution is to use a fresh atomizer with each tank fill maximizing flavour and freshness. Vape 710’s compact design also carefully considered the distribution of oil and extracts in cartridges that we’re small enough to keep the premium material costs low but also the fluid volume inside to be an economical amount for wide acceptance.

Vape710 was born in Toronto, Canada way back in 2015. Realizing there was no perfect solution that met all of the needs of today’s extract vaper, we strove to find new ways and new configurations in hardware that offered better alternatives and easier usability – this is the only option on the market that offers ecigarette sized, fast dual charging capabilities and refillable cartridges.

Our mission is to make it easier for smokers to administer their own cessation or replacement therapies with the ultimate convenience required to finally help win over the habit or supplement with a safer alternative.

Contact us at info@vape710.ca